Once upon a reading teacher…

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-4-00-33-pmFINDING THE GOLDEN THREAD OF MULTI GENRE

Golden, yellow, winding thread,







what’s that?  she said.

it’s all around just pin it down

elusively, it wasn’t found.


Weeks went by

some goals were set

a blog was born


but no, not yet

that multi genre yellow thread

still wasn’t forming in her head.


So on she trudged, from class to class

post to post

until at last

the images looked bright and cheery

by George,

we’re on to something deery.


Watercolor, paper, pen,

EMOJI, film, iMovie, then


GOOGLE MAP and Chatterpix,

Padlets, Tedx in the mix


I a G E s

in all their glory

are the theme

that tell this story.



The golden thread was difficult to pin down.  I looked from post to post, considered goals, reviewed work, ugh.  It was not clear until the connection of visual components seemed the largest link.

But, how does that relate to writing?  This came later, an aha for me.  The power of it all.  How my reading of textbooks effects the actual writing pieces that my kiddos produce.  That mentor texts actually work!  That offering so many choices in writing genre entices my most fragile writers in ways I could never have imagined…Chatterpix, iMovie, iTrailer all held such intrigue and fascination for both student and teacher!

If I had a smaller thread it would be beauty.  It has been years since I have pulled out a camera and really considered a photograph, perspective, depth, angle..how all of those things play into writing – as in Zyra’s pink boots.  The photo and her work seemed to bounce off of one another.

All of this has made me hungry for more.  Now, I’m addicted to HOW the images effect writing.  It’s a WOW moment for me.










Panel 1



This blog is about multi-genre writing and how this relates to me and my kiddos.  It is a work in progress, reflective of the books, articles, literature and projects that I do with children.

This blog explores iMovies, iTrailers, Chatterpix, Googlemap, Padlet, Youtube, poetry, list making, Emoji, cartoons, photography, drawing, painting and other images that all connect one another with a gentle, golden thread of visual imagery.  I’m just beginning…there will be more to come.


I am a totally blessed person in both my personal and professional life.

My education consists of a B.S. and an M.Ed. in Education from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, a second (almost finished) MSW from Catholic University in Social Work, and now a third M.Ed. program at the University of Virginia.  It’s addicting!

After graduating from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia in 1985 with a degree in Elementary Education, I taught Kindergarten through sixth; lectured for Teach for America, wrote several grants/articles and taught as an adjunct.  Then, accidentally stumbled into a reading position in a Title I school in Arlington.  Today, I’m still teaching reading and believe I have the best job in the world!


Currently, I have no books published, newspaper columns written, or movies in the works. So, I thought I’d try a blog…why not?  It’s 2016.



Panel 2


I’d love to hear from you!