Storykeepers in the 21st century

Lisa Miller introduces the concept of storyboarding in her book Make me a story (2010).  She describes it as a process of writing a digital story that requires tasks other writing doesn’t require.  It is figuring out what section of text goes with what piece of art, and so it also entails splitting the story or script up into parts.

Miller’s book offers insight on why digital story telling should be taught:

  1. It engages and empowers reluctant readers and writers and different types of learners.  It makes everyone want to write.
  2. Digital storytelling projects can change how students see themselves and their classmates and can build community in the classroom.
  3. Thinking about audience is an important part of the process.
  4. Digital storytelling projects do not have to be complicated to be effective.
  5. Stories can be done across the curriculum.
  6. The process is the point; digital storytelling projects teach writing and technology skills.
  7. The process draws on what students already know about storytelling-and moviemaking.

One of the best takeaways from this book was a link to Storykeepers Resources (see endnote).  Their explanation of digital storytelling “is a lot more than using simply mixing multimedia; it is the delivery of a rich, artistic experience with a storyline driven by THE POINT that has the power to change the brain’s attention and chemistry. Digital storytelling’s power lies in purposefully unfolding a Classcial Dramatic StoryARC that is then brought ALIVE with a palette of digital tools that dances images, sounds, voices, and special effects together into a sensory, emotionally charged experience of a well-written storyline that needed -to-be-told!”  For example:


Digital storytelling is a natural pairing with project based instruction.  It provides opportunities for students to create and interact with their work.  It provides opportunities to create VOICE and PERSPECTIVE, POINT OF VIEW and so many ways to write!

Miller, L.C. (2010). Make me a story: Teaching writing through digital storytelling. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers.

Unknown. (2016). Welcome to 21st Century StoryKeepers. Retrieved from


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