Square Panda – an interactive Reading Readiness game using iPad, Bluetooth and Smart letters

Square Panda is a Reading Readiness game with lots of interactive components.  The phonics system includes five fun and engaging iPad apps, a Bluetooth play set, 45 Smart letters, both parent and teacher portals.

Parents download the iPad app which interacts with the board via Bluetooth.  There’s a few simple steps to start the game.  Preschool age kiddos will enjoy the large magnetic like letter pieces which fit easily into the “square” boxes.

The Bowling game was fun!  Children use their fingers to bowl the coconuts and are instructed to find the correct letter and place it in the first box.  Each letter is sounded out until a word is made.

In the Bubbles game, advanced words such as SCALP and SWAM are created.  Children pop bubbles and blow horns by touching animated pictures after each correct letter is found.  Real images are posted when children create a word – a great feature for ELL students.

For the price point of $119.00, one gets 45 letters and 5 games!  Log on to Square Panda and order one for the holidays!

Square Panda Phonics Playset


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