Tales from around the world meets GOOGLE MAP

GOOGLE map has saved me more than once…getting to an interview, finding a party, etc.  Recently, an uncle sent us some pictures of the family farm in Montana that was in the process of being sold.  It was pretty neat, actually brought my hubby to tears seeing pics of a place that would take planes, trains and days of driving ugly terrain to see.  It’s amazing.

I wondered what I could do with writing and GOOGLE map, so I GOOGLED it!  Low and behold, another teacher came up with a wonderful way to map fairytales!  Her students wrote the descriptions, found the location on the map and learned to drop a pin.  So, I thought I’d copy her doc, change the directions and give it a try.

This project is to be used with grades 1-5.  As I’m a reading teacher, there aren’t many minutes of down time between groups.  So, I thought if I had a pile of fairy tale books on the table for waiting students, they could read the books and use their iPads to add more tales to the map.  With the help of our school librarian, we have amassed 30 tales from around the world for this project.  Our librarian is delighted!    She says the fairy tale books are the ones LEAST read in the school collection!  It was actually heartbreaking when considering our diverse population and the joy the bring!

One of the drawbacks is trying to find appropriate levels.  I did find numerous levels fairy tales from Pioneer Valley publications in the book room to add to the pile for my younger readers.

This project is just getting underway, but this is what I’ve done so far…

  1. Created a new GOOGLE map and named it Tales from around the world
  2. Created directions for kids
  3. Figured out how to add a drop by writing the name of the country/area in the search line.
  4. Adding the name of the tale and the description.



This is what it looks like when a description is added – this one is mine:


I also learned that you can change the color of the map by clicking BASE MAP.  There are numerous choices and it gives the map a new look each time.  This function draws the eye of the reader…one can’t help but play around with the + and – buttons, zooming in and out and learning more about the country, terrain, waterways, etc.  It’s a great learning tool!





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