Book Buzz 2: Take 2 – (2nd grade) Lesson/Including Exact Words People Say

Another takeaway from Talking, Drawing, Writing (2007) by Horn and Giacobbe is the abundance of ready to go lesson plans connecting mentor texts, drawing and writing.

“Including Exact Words People Say” (p. 209) was chosen to explore for this lesson.  It suggests the mentor text, My Big Brother by Miriam Cohen and Ronald Himler, as well as a few other alternatives at the bottom of the lesson plan.  The model provides a step by step explanation of how to move kids from the mentor text to their own work using great lines such as “we get know know the characters by seeing them, but we also get to know them by hearing the words they say.”  It also includes a “let me show you what I mean” section that breaks it down by page.  After showing numerous examples, the responsibility is then turned back to the child in the “So, today as you write” section.

Focusing on dialogue with a 2nd grade class and The Three Bears Bakery as a mentor text children were encouraged to think about an item that they would like to add to the bakery window.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-5-55-21-pm unknown-6

They sketched an item for the storefront and then wrote about it.  Then, the students cut out the picture from their journal books, drew and painted themselves with Goldilocks on a large sheet of manilla paper, then added their cut out bakery item.  The stories written were put into Chatterpix – (with teacher assistance so as to model exporting the photos in the upright position)!

After viewing their videos, the children wanted to add more. The paper below shows how this child began with “Hi Goldilocks.”  The student uses no punctuation, has limited sight words and is uses mostly salient sounds throughout.  However, he could still read his story and recorded it in Chatterpix.  

unknown-7  unknown-8

While this child did not complete the “dialogue” – he made significant progress in revising his story with numerous erasures.  He couldn’t decide “how” he was going to give Goldilocks the donut.  Tomorrow’s task will be to move the story forward with Goldilock’s answer.  (See Goldilocks Youtube below)

The use of various types of art, Chatterpix and Youtube, made this lesson far more engaging that straight journal writing.  As our society is becoming inundated with “devices” it’s exciting to see how we can help our students becoming better writers in this world!

Horn, M. & Giacobbe, M.E..  (2007). Talking, Drawing, Writing. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers.


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